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Looking for a sailboat to cross the Pacific must be started where sailboats are.

My first day there, I am asking to people if they would like to have a crew on board. I get quickly to know a very special French captain: Régis came from Nicaragua to live here with his family. His wife Gaèle got a teacher job in the French local school and he works on his sailboat Aida to make it ready for chartering tourists around.

After 5 minutes of talking, we realize that I know his brother Eric, paragliding pilot from Figeac in France. Right away Régis asks me where I am staying, and offers me to stay in his boat if I wanted to, as they all stay in their house downtown, so that I can have the whole boat for me!

This means a lot of positive things to me: I can stay right in the place where the sailboats stop to get ready for the Pacific, meaning that I can find what I am looking for in a much easier way!

It means also that I don’t have to move from one Couchsurfing place to another and wasting too much time into this.

Régis and his boat Aida have been my great luck of my 2-months stay in Panama.