Getting beck to the civilization

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From El Tunupa, we speed toward Challapatas, where we know the asphalted road begins. 6 weeks on dirt roads, we will appreciate it!

On the way, Jayu Quta is a huge crater of meteorite, we think seriously about flying down but the slopes around are definitely too lights for any interesting flight.

We encounter some serious trouble with the petrol stove, meaning even more serious than before (it had been like 3 or 4 months I am having trouble with it).

Falling on the ground, one part brakes apart.

I manage to fix it with some wire, but anyway the flam keeps on shutting itself down. I pray for the manufacturer replacing it.

At last we reach the asphalted road, and an awful stiff neck avoids me to get up at morning. I must now look right in front of me, relying on my driving mirror to have an idea about what’s coming behind.

We celebrate my 1000 hours of biking since the beginning of the trip 15 months ago.

Oruro, quite a big city of Bolivia gives us the pleasure of eating in the streets for 1US$, the exuberance of a country such as Bolivia is concentrated here.

28 Sep 2009 - Shock interview in La Paz by my friend Christopher L. de France passing by almost by accident.