The mythic milky Sea

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The start is announced with a loud bang in front of Darwin’s pier at 10am. Against us are playing excellent racing yachts from all over the country. We have the second worst time handicap, due to our size and speed potential. But we make it second on the line… and second on the podium, although we fought terribly on the last act to beat the first! Congrats to Gameset who made it first ! Let’s also say it: I was the one who cleaned her hull in Darwin… It’s also a bit of my victory, isn’t it? Always think positive… 

Something I will never forget is that night when I woke up for my watch and Chris tells me there’s something special out there. The whole sea is white of luminescence, something I have never seen or heard before. The ‘milky sea’ is full of plankton playing Luna Park for hundreds of miles. As there’s no moon and the only light is coming from below, we all sail in a very special atmosphere, all silent for hours. 

Once in Ambon, it’s party time again and we find the whole crew in a luxury hotel playing tricks one to the others. James ‘Westie’ and his ‘kiwi’ teammates even end up hiding a living chook in my room, the most surprising thing to see in such a ‘high standard’ place! Indonesia is the door to Asia as I see it, but for me I’m still playing the crew on an Australian boat and real life of the surrounding is merely seen from far away. We are ‘yachties’ and treated as such, therefore mixing with local lifestyle is not really possible.

Second part with Australian Maid leads us all the way to Bali in one leg. We are now delivering the boat supposably to Singapore and we are four aboard with Lisa, Tom and Nat. Things does not happen so well as we blow up the alternator, nearly provoking a fire on board! This accident triggers the end of our trip on Australian Maid, as she needs to be fixed and that will take weeks. In Bali we look for another boat with Nat who was also hitch crewing. 

It was quite an intense experience to crew on a racing yacht like her, although I was expecting more professionalism on such a yacht. I guess Toby and Ayla on Lady K was the top level of professionals and everything else looks like amateur after that!