Koala and dolphins.

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First break on the west coast is Lancelin, famous for its sand dunes where I fly from with my paraglide and an old surfboard I found in the local rubbish tip. That first ride off the city give me the chance to sleep at Yanchep National park, with a koala park. I was lucky enough to observe one of them getting busy eating some eucalyptus leaves through the night, a few meters from me. I wasn’t really supposed to be in the park at that time, but I guess nobody saw me entering, thanks to the magic silence of the bike. 

It was bad luck when the wind took my helmet off my bike at a rest area and a car starting just at that time, with an old lady not knowing much what to do with the breaks. She preferred to keep going while I was screaming to stop. Stupid car driver! The front wheel avoided it by miracle but the back wheel came right on… and my helmet crashed in a horrible sound, I felt my heart breaking… Every part of my equipment is related in a spiritual way to myself after so much use. Fortunately, two hours later I find a crap and temporary replacement one in the local recycle tip, perfect timing! 

In Lancelin I was lent a whole holiday house by a ‘warmshowers.org’ couple, Emily and Colin, from Perth. This is where my friend Ben from Ikon Kiteboarding came for making the beautiful video about the Fly’n’Roll kitebiking project.

The south breeze pushes me fast to the north toward Monkey Mia. Paul Mason, couchsurfer, is hosting me there and takes me to see and feed the famous local dolphins that come to the beach everyday. I got the chance to get chosen among hundred tourists to feed one of them, funny how smiling can help sometimes! Paul takes me then on his boat for some serious net fishing and we get tenths of fishes, it was very nice catch!

Next thing on my mind in the near future is to beat the familial distance record on a bike that goes from midnight to midnight, detained so far by my brother Christophe with 232kms. My goal: 300kms. 

To be followed…