Leaving Nadège

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Mauricio hosts us for the time we need.

He gives us his keys and leaves. We will barely see him for the time we will be there.

He is part of the www.warmshowers.org network, something similar to Couchsurfing net, grouping people who like to host cyclotourists from all around the world.

At last, in the very far and misty landscape, we can have a quick look of the huge Cotopaxi volcano, covered of snow, so close to the Equatorial line.

And one day, in the evening, Nadège leaves.

I find myself alone, again.

This happens to strike me very suddenly and I can’t stand it for a while. I imagine now what’s life will be again: Finding a place for camping alone, cooking, eating, sleeping, riding, stretching, repairing, singing, stupid-joking, all that need to be done alone now, absolutely alone.

For me, it appears to be quite a sad turn for the trip.

By going further, by leaving the city, riding my bike again, I find in the pain of the efforts I make something to ease up the pain of the heart.

But my tyres explode one after the others, I am having really hard time to replace them and this is pulling me down even more.