Capachica - Entering Peru

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We leave Copacabana, my friend Armand, and Bolivia, and enter Peru.

People warned us about how Peruvian local people are spoiled by the tourist industry. So much of a wrong thing: People are just so smiley, happy and helpful!

Copachica, on shores of Titicaca is like a dream for us.

We camp on the grassy deserted shores of Titicaca Lake, without doing any bike riding, just swimming and flying every day.

We will stay there 4 days, waiting for our friend Sébastien coming from France with his bike, a speed riding wing and a good willing of beating off the tracks for a while.

Just behind our tent, there is a large flat grassy area where we practice ground handling. Aside is a small hill facing the lake breeze.

We will soon also get up the larger hill a bit further to fly from a few hundred meters high.

Nadège becomes simply the happiest person in the world, she found her site that looks safe enough for her.

And for me, soaring hours at a few centimetres off the ground, skilling up for dealing with the wing’s slightest moves is a great relief after so much of riding-but-no-flying time.