Flying Titicaca

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In the morning, we climb up the hill, at the antennas; this is where local pilots fly usually. No one is there today, we will be the only ones to get in the air.

Nadège tries and tries again to take off, unsuccessfully. She gives up next to a nearly crash in the rocks.

Too bad, she feels too much nervous; I’ll take the best out of the site alone.

The breeze coming from the lake is already quite strong, a few steps and I am up in the air, flying in front of the most beautiful lake I have ever seen.

A few thermals allow me to stabilize myself at the take-off height, playing in the breeze in a nice soaring.

I must say however, that I am not so relaxed after having seen Nadège collapsing her wing so many times. I make quickly my mind up to go down and land next to a group of Bolivian people completely drunk.

The whole family takes her weekend off and offers us some drinks. 12am and I am already myself drunk as well. Forget about flying more for the day!

Viva Titicaca!