San Pedro d’Atacama

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San Pedro is mostly crowded of tourists and mainly frenchies get down there.

We meet a group of long beard frenchies, including Pierre and Gautier, who are walking for 8 months and 2000 kms already, starting in North Argentina and passing through crazy wild areas, missing water for 2 or 3 days, sleeping with no tent at 5000m high and other things of the sort.

But the best out of all this was to see them drinking and smoking with no care, shitting on the sport spirit!

We get to visit the ALMA site, project of the widest radiotelescope in the world in which my friend Denis works.

Afterward, when ready, we start for the ultimate hilling up: 2300m of going up from 2300m to 4600m of high, at the Bolivian boarder, first step for heading our way to the Licancabour, 5900m of high.

We do it in one day, Nadège get her knee in a bad way, and she has to push her bike the whole way up while I have to carry her things.

Absolutely exhausted, we experiment our first night on the Altiplano. -17°C in the morning, our sleeping bags are frozen, covered from the ice made out by our transpiration. Wooo, this will be the conditions for the next 500 kms through the South Lipez of Bolivia, meaning just dirt road, made of deep sand and crazy face winds (rule no1: the winds is ALWAYS facing you when one is biking!).