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That day 55 kms have been made in the early afternoon wen I reach the city. Heat and front wind are horrible to deal with. But the answer of such pain is appearing in the blue sky: 3 deltas and a paraglide are hooked up in the air. I quickly discover the landing area, made of a good and comfortable grass, just next to the beach. My contact here is named Maleca, friend of the president of Niteroi’club. Here he comes from the air. Not even after chatting more tham a few minutes, he offers a room in a nearby hotel! “So that you would be next to the paragliding site and you can see the take off from here.” On that one I stay still, completely bemused. First time I meet such nice welcome! Swimming pool, double bed, bathroom with hot water, huge delicious breakfast, I must have reached Wonderland.

Maleca drives me to the take off, as time is running out to climb there by feet.

Conditions are good. Smooth, North West, laminate wind, although the direction is not extraordinary good, taking off and landing should be no problem. We are at the top of Morro Sao Antonio, the saint of married people. A 15m high statue looks down to the local families. In an astonishing sunset light coming through a small hole in the cloud back up the mountains behind, my wing takes me up right under the nose of the saint who stay still and motionless. The lift is better than I expected and I pass many time really close to the head of the poor man who cannot wave his stoned hand to chase me like an annoying bug. Pictures are wonderful, I observe the coast from where I come from and the mountain behind me waiting for my pain and suffering to get to Sao Paulo. Honestly tired, and so cautious about not to end up by doing something wrong, I quit the top to get smoothly down to the beach, passing right above the city and my hotel. Bathing in the Atlantic water, I say good by to that ocean which was my last geographical link to Europe. Front of me lays a continent that I aim to cross entirely to get to Pacifique, next destination.