Valuable friends from the North

New Zealand part II - Posted On

We are now very close from Auckland, and also from Coromandel, where the Twins family lives. It’s no way we leave the country without paying a last visit to these heroes of permaculture and organic food grower. Quickly we find a house where we can trustfully leave the bicycles for three days and we hitchhike our way there.

Since our last visit a year ago, Micha and Sabine have developed even more their environment to match theirs lives with theirs dreams. A wider garden, a new kitchen to cook the veges in delicious meals, to bake the best bread in the world and sell them on the market… We are happy re-energize our human batteries in their beautiful place.

Auckland, big city. 

We must find a place to crash for two nights. A quick message from the Twins gives us the contact of Andy, a guy I met seven years ago in Christchurch. Once more we see someone who decided to make his life matching with his dream. Like me, he is a mechanical engineer and had a boring job as such. He quitted to make pizzas in various festivals and events. He built some wooden pizza ovens on trucks and leads now a team of people who make and sell for him. And unlike me, the guy got his hand chopped one day, leaving him with this handicap. Far from stopping him in any way, this seemed to have pushed him toward achievements in life.