Day-to-day life for sell

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Nadège writes:

Our working year is ending slowly. Next to a boring day-to-day life, sparsely highlighted by quick outburst of our favourite outdoor hobbies, we are about to dive back into the great Ocean of Freedom that lie in front of us.

Sacrificing a whole year of our short life once every five years looks like a pretty good calculation. Our respective jobs as hydro geologist for Nadège and mathematics teacher for Olivier has brought us one positive thing: our financial aim for 2011, although not totally reached, is still very suitable considering our future projects.

This money comes from our salaries first (thanks to high rates of salaries in overseas French territories), but also picked up from recycling huge amount of foods wasted by supermarkets during a whole year (thanks to the overproduction). Thanks therefore to consumption society, we did surf on your tsunami!

For sell! Everyone gets a bargain! From kites to cars, from desk to shoes, there will only be left over our clean souls of adventurers. Getting Light is the main idea. Each item that goes away is felt like a breeze of freedom. We will soon catch back the little box that contains our Freedom we hid at the top of the Mont-Dore Mountain 14 months ago, before starting to work.

While looking for a sailboat and setting a 9 month special visa to New Zealand, we try to take the best of that red dirt country of Caledonia.