TR Tahiti - Makemo. Lady K

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2nd July, this is 1:30pm, we leave marina Taina on board of the 24m, luxurious superyacht Lady K, heading to Makemo, Tuamotu.

Watching organization is set up by Ayla: 4 hours each, on a 2-personn team. I am 2 hours with Ayla and 2 hours with Toby. Nadège is 2 hours with Toby, 2 hours with Ayla. Just time to sleep a little and we go back on deck.

Quite surprisingly, there’s no roof on the cockpit. Quite windy and cold up there!

Sailing a superyacht for someone else is quite different than sailing for fun with the owner on board. Responsibility of the captain is very deeply engaged. That’s why we are asked not to touch anything, unless being asked for. Basically we are here just to provide some company to the experienced teammate, Ayla or Toby.

The whole navigation is facing the WNW wind. Two sails up in the mats only, we don’t want to break anything. And unfortunately, engine is on the whole way. We are basically motor sailing, which prevent us to damage anything.

I experience the 12 hours watch over 24 hours, no reading, not listening music, just watch the wind, the sails and the sea. Quite a challenge for me, but also for Nadège for who it is the first time on a sailboat… and with a bit of a awkward English!

We get to know Ayla and Toby, with nothing else to do but chatting… they teach us some technical things on such sailboats, what is this paid crew world is alike. A seaman always have some good story to tell.

4th July, day 2, 10am.

“LAND HO!”. I see the first atoll. We are officially back to the Tuamotu. It’s becoming a bit more complex and we tack and tack over many time. Don’t forget we are now in the so-called “dangerous archipelago” by every seaman in the world. This name comes from how the atolls are seen from very small distances away when we approach them. Many boats sunk in this area during the history.

Nowadays, GPS makes it much easier, but we still have to be cautious and alert about everything.

5th July, day 3, 11am.

We enter the northern pass. For three hours navigating the lagoon, I will stay up in the mats watching the coral balls preventing us to crash in one of them. The view from up there is wonderful!

For the two next days, we clean the boat, tooth brushing the entire stainless metal complex and polishing again and again to make the boat ready for the owner’s family coming soon.

We are now in Makemo, free of work, Lady K just left with the owners on board. We are ready for the Robinson’s life.