Boat Hitch hiking - From Agadir, Morocco to Lanzarote, Canary Island

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Sunday 10:10am, local time, we touch Canary island, Lanzarote island, port of Playa Blanca, Marina Rubicon, just next to Punta Papagayo. (I love that name!)

46 hours with captain Jean Pierre and his wife, Maryse on the magnificent 2 mats of 16 meters, the Olympe, my very first boat I ever hitched.

Crossing the ocean with no worries, dolphins play around Saturday morning, 10am, on our left then right hand, in front of us. I take the guardian task from 1 to 4am first night, and from 4 to 7 2nd night. Sunrise, a few boats are to care of while approaching the coast.

Clear sky, relieves from the island offers good perspectives of flight. 12 days before the start of the rallye des iles du soleil on which I really count for catching a boat on which I could play seaman as a crew member, that gives me plenty of time to explore these tiny islands of 50 kms long. At about 130 Nautical miles from here, Tenerife, my final target, culminate at 3700 meters above sea level. Nice flight there maybe?

To celebrate our arrival at Lanzarote port, we go for a beautiful big fat brunch with croissants, fresh bread, homemade marmalade… Clearly something only a sea man can truly understand!