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Going up and down and again and again and I get to Medellin.

Sam is there, completely sick! White, absolutely no energy, I bring him back to my Couchsurfing’s host Ana. She will take care of him as if he was her brother.

Couchsurfing is such a good invention!

I got to go, to keep going, as always, and I leave Sam at the hospital. We were afraid of the Dengue or the Malaria, but no, just a flu…

Before leaving I experience to fly evening the Medellin local site. Down the landing area, a boy of the nearby naughty ghetto offers to fold up my wing. He explains me he is learning to fly with the local school, exchanging his time for a bit of work with some flight lessons. His dream is turned toward acrobatic flight competition later.

It is a great relief for me to see that paragliding is not only an exception for the rich layer of the population. Those having the strong willing to do it can achieve their dreams. That is pretty much what I intend to pass as a message to everybody!

Two days later, the last real descent of the Andes drives me all the way down from 2800m to 220m of heights. I finish victorious of the Andes, after 7 months following the longest cordillera in the world!

However, I find myself to be quite deceived when I realize the road and the whole landscape keeps on going up and down, nothing is flat here!

The last part will not be as easy as expected.