New Years Eve at Ansermanuevo

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2010 is coming.

To say farewell at 2009, I make my mind up to climb a mountain the 31th. December, camp up there, and fly down in the morning. Ansermanuevo is a good place for it, as there is a paragliding take off there.

At night, although everybody starts to party, I leave my bike at a local pilot’ home and start climbing.

Of course I get lost, pass through the terrible jungle and arrive late at dark up at the top.

The take off is private, closed with a gate. The landlord allowed me to camp there.

I climb the gate and set up my New Year Eve bivouac, when I hear dogs and see a group of people coming with rifles in their hand.

Oups, guardians! Hopefully, a paper signed by the landlord saves the situation.

Going to bed early, I am woken up at midnight by the numerous fireworks in the valley. The show is wonderful! I am alone up there, perfectly happy to be out of the crowd, in perfect communion with the mountain.

In the morning, I set up my wing, wait for the first breeze to blow, and sit in the air for the very first flight of 2010 in a beautiful sky!