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The road from Pasto to Popayan is a never-ending going up and down.

One day, while I am in the middle of a huge slope attacking once more the mountains, sweating and dying every minute, I see a big truck passing me by.

My brain is not really powerful at that time; it takes me some time to read “ANAUTICA” on it. Then it takes a few seconds more to realize that I know that name…

“- Anautica, this is the French globe trotter family in their truck-motor-home! HELLOOOO!!!!”

They stop a few hundred meters further and offer me fresh orange juice. Next time I go round the world I take a fridge with me, no way, it’s soooo good!

We met in Peru two months ago and we are both going to Cartagena at the same time.

They accept to take everything from my equipment I don’t need for the next 3 weeks, which light me up a lot!

From that time I start to believe I’ll make it in my tight schedule for the sailboats season…

We pass Christmas-Eve together with another French young couple travelling on 4WD around South America.

I meet so many adventurers in this continent! I like a lot to see that Adventure with children is possible.