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Esteban is a paragliding pilot from Bogota.

When he saw my website on the Ozone teamblog a year ago, first thing he did was to invite me in his family home to fly and discover the country. I could not believe it, that was just so kind of him!

So when I got in Colombia I contacted him, he answered me he was... in Grenoble, France for 6 month to learn French, my city home!

As I wanted to get in contact with the paragliding community, he sent a group mail to the whole Colombian community. He explained who I was and asked if some pilots could help me on the way…

I got replies after that, people wanting to invite me and showing me their place.

Once again, I experienced that sharing a passion, a dream, eases up the relationships, gives people the willing to share, to help. That was definitely a good thing to carry my paraglide with me.

Also Colombian people are really willing to show their country, they are desperate to break the very bad image their country is having abroad.

And it works! I am so very pleased of Colombia since I entered it!