The middle of the world

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Here in the country, all is about the Equator line.

Ecuador is VERY proud to be the “Mitad del Mundo” (middle of the world). I am also quite impressed to pass the Equator line on my bike.

So when I get there, a few different monuments shows the Line, and I take my paraglide out. This is absolutely not the place to fly, but passing the Equator line under my paraglide is a must.

That’s it, a matter of a few seconds, the wing is well inflated in the wind gusts and I pass the famous line half-running half-flying!

People look at me like a child playing with it new game. That’s OK, ‘cause that’s what I am!

Next to this, it seems that the entire country is a huge roller cluster.

I can’t bear going up anymore, and going down does not appeal me. It means that I will have to go up again.

I am sad and tired, I just want to arrive in Cartagena to finish with the bike story in South America.