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From Lima to Trujillo, there must be something like 550kms. I will ride alone, lightweight, in 3 days and a half, meaning quite fast, Nadège, tired, will take the bus.

The last day will be the record of the whole trip: 227kms in 9h30min, not too bad!

No cheating but I had a good tailwind. I must admit, that helps a lot.

Day 3, I get to meet Clemente, an amazing guy. He’s attending a restaurant, La Granita, Km 347, in the middle of the desert. He offers me food and accommodation for free…

That guy also have a huge manuscript with a message of every bike rider who passed by his place.

I never have heard of him, he just loves bike travelers and welcome them all!

That was coming on a perfect time because I was exhausted; I was missing Nadège, being two for a while make the solitary trip harder.

When I arrived in Trujillo, Nadège is surprised to see me so early, she was expecting me later.

As for me, she was missing the presence of the team partner.

There are no words to explain what it is to meet us back after having been alone like that.

I have a bit this feeling with my bike, it’s a deep need, an addiction I have and that I am happy to have!

Trujillo is very famous in the cyclotourist world because of La casa de ciclistas of Lucho. This man and his family has been receiving cyclotourists in his house for free and for more than 20 years.

That made a bunch of people grouping themselves to offer him an unforgettable trip in France, to follow the famous Tour de France. He meets with Lance Armstrong whose he is a fanatic!

Once he was there, the manager of the Tour welcomed him as a special guest of the Tour. For him, who is not a very important person in his country, it was like Alice in Wonderland...

We stayed there 3 days, and discovered the wonders of his own guestbooks.

They are incredible amounts of famous names, lots of my heroes passed by this place. Among all is Heinz Stuck, a German fellow who is still going on his bike after 47 years!