Flying Toubkal - 4167m

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Yesterday, 16th September 2008, 10am, top of Mount Toubkal, light condition, slightly back side wind, blue and crystal clear sky. The over light piece of tissue with which I have easily climbed, and which from differents sources, seems to be a real paraglide lies behind me. How crazy is that? I came here with a damn bike straight from Grenoble, France, and now I stand upper than any piece of ground around thousands of kms², in North Africa. The landscape is splendid, I can see my way I passed through the last days to come up here.

Take off. Whatever can happen, now, I am in the air, just flying above all Morocco. So happy to be here, to do such things, to really understand how wonderful it is to have the freedom of flying here, out of usual boundaries of life.

Little bumps make me think I am simply going to dance rock’n'roll up in the sky for a long time. A bit scared, I realize how far I am from any good health center.

I so take the wise decision to smoothly go down and visit nicely the high slopes of rocks all along the valley which leads me to Imlil, the “little Chamonix” of Morocco. A group of goats welcome me at the landing close to the river. Kids run just after and I am sudenly surrounded. Jokes and smiles turns the situation in the right way. I am just so happy to have done safely one of the craziest thing I have done in my life.

Thanks to Michel Diedrich and Manu Bonte for the briefing of that flight.