Speed flying on Cerro Blanco

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The highest sand dune in the world is right in front of us, overlooking Nazca.

El Cerro Blanco is up to 2200m of heights, 1500m of pure sand slope, a dream of a playground.

Although climbing is not that easy, we rush there early morning with Sébastien.

To climb it in an easier way we use the paraglides as kites. We are quickly up there at the very top.

It is so amazing the feeling from being in the high Altiplano a day before and get to be all of a sudden in a Sahara-like landscape now.

Wind is too strong, and is not the right direction for flying standard paraglides.

But the Jojo and Jaja team (Seb and I) has more in their bag: the small funny parachute which served us for practicing speed riding (parachute and ski) lasts winters.

The only problem left is the complete absence of elevators and brakes loops. The wing itself and its lines are also quite old and unsecured.

We adapt a system with small lines that I always carry in my bag and decide not to fly over 2 meters high of the sand.

Funnily Seb lets me do the ride. He seems to be quite a bit scared.

Actually I understand his reasons a few minutes later when I find myself attached to that bullet of dangerous system at more than 100km/h moving so close to the sandy ground.

Gusty wind blows like crazy and once, I find myself being pulled back up toward the ridge, whereas I just wanted to stay close to the ground and going DOWN!

When I stop at the bottom of the dune, I stay a long, very long time prostrated, thinking how damn crazy and fast this was!

As a matter of fact that must have been the very first “speed flight” of the Cerro Blanco.

Sébastien, (alias Jojo), leaves us here and go back to France.

We will see each other in New Zealand; he wants to follow the trip all around the world by coming for bike riding on each continent I would pass by.

But even so, it is always hard to say goodbye to a good friend.

31 Oct 2009 - Two guys and one girl flying in peru and moving with bicycle. First run on the Cerro blanco near Nazca.
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31 Oct 2009 - by Google Translate