Isla del Sol

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Well alright, Isla del Sol is THE touristic spot for whoever comes to Bolivia and Titicaca. But let’s admit it, this is really worth it.

A nice little ship brings the lot of us backpackers to drop us off in the island.

Nadège, Armand and I come for walking and camping, of course we have the superlight wings in our bags.

Following the ridges, no trees, light breeze from the Eastern side of the lake, high mountains reflecting their magnificence in the blue lake, our mind keep on dreaming about playing in the air above that playground of an island.

The shore is made out by a sand beach; we’ll keep that for the morning and play with the breeze and the ridge.

We could fly the whole ridge when we would want to! Such a nice spot! And so wildly unexploited by local pilots! We love that and recommend it.

Kids come to look at us, touch our paraglides, ask what it is, and run everywhere to show they are happy, fine!

Morning comes, Nadège flies first, she draws in the sand at the landing a nice comma in 10 meters in the sand… Oups, that was not expected!

But she’s so happy, she flew above Titicaca!