El lago Titicaca

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Our way North leads us on a way passing the famous Lake Titicaca. It’s another name there would be nothing to laugh about for boring people, but as life has anything really serious to talk about, let’s laugh, it’s a good name of a lake!

Copacabana, on shores of Titicaca Lake has got several things appealing us:

First, my ex-flatmate Armand from Figeac meets us there. Next to my decision to leave for such a big trip, he made his mind up to leave as well for a wide and “off the beaten track” backpacking trip.

Also, Copacabana and the nearby Isla del Sol is one of best paragliding places in Peru.

The first vision of the lake will be kept never to be forgotten to me. The deep Mediterranean blue water reflecting the high sky of the plateau strikes me all of a sudden.

Nadège flees in front of me, the spectacle gives her so much power that I can hardly follow her.