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Together we arrive at Maitencillo, at Arturo and Fefe’s place.

Arturo runs a paragliding school and is a good friend of Denis and Irina from Santiago.

His place is a paradise!

Close to the sea, the whole area receives a nice breeze every day.

Arturo owns the whole area behind, with the project of making a condominium of it, with a paragliding take-off at the top, and a landing area at the bottom.

And when flying conditions are not so good, we simply go down to the Cerro Tacna, where 10 kms of sand cliffs runs along the shore.

We fly all along together, going back and forth; I can now say I flew above the Pacific Ocean!

Arturo offers to Thiago his very first flight, Thiago is conquered, another pilot just become his career!