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Capital of Chile, Santiago arrives at last.

I came so far south for two main reasons: having a look on the Aconcagua, and meeting François Chapuis, a French paragliding pilot who enjoy flying from the mountains after climbing them by feet. He is also a good friend of Manu Bonte from the paragliding brand Nervures.

I really want to learn from him.

He hosts me for two weeks in the city, time I take advantage for getting new equipments for the cold and high mountains in the coming Altiplano. I get a really good discount from the mountain equipment shop La Cumbre. Ivo, manager is conquered by the project and offers me this little sponsoring.

François is teacher in the French local school. I give a conference in his class about the travel. Pupils are so keen to see the pictures! They also ask many questions, I am really delighted talking with them.

I get then to fly at El Sanctuario, nice spot covered of high cactus, which make me taking care a lot for the landing precision!

La Collina is another paragliding spot, a lot more famous and crowded, where I meet quite a few local pilots.

I am here with a new friend Denis Barkats and his wife Irina.

Both pilots, but Irina is pregnant and cannot fly with us. Denis works as an astrophysician for the project ALMA, the world widest radiotelescope near San Pedro d’Atacama, north Chile.

We also share the same passion: walking up and flying down mountains.

I must also say that this guy passed one whole year at the South Pole. There, he took his wing for a short flight in the middle of the polar night.

We got along pretty well very quickly!

Flying in La Collina in a misty and calm air is relieving. I love flying with others after so much time on my own.