Sao Paulo and Parana

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I meet Miragaia Rene Alonso, great motor bike writer-traveller who hosts me kindly 5 days. 70 years old, he’s setting up his next project to cross Africa in a year. A man that keeps me hope for when I will get older.

Today, I am on my way to get to Iguaçu falls and to the Brazilian boarder. My visa allows me 90 days which are ending quite soon. Full speed in the plain countryside of Parana, moral is good, alone, not much meeting people, but loneliness does not affect me, in the contrary I rather enjoy it. Strong discipline, 9 hours of biking every day, the Cordillera is awaiting for me, my legs muscles are being prepared.

My project for the time being: getting to Mendoza in June the latest, when my solitary trip will end up with my girlfriend Nadège coming over to go up together all along the Andes. Our plan is to go from Santiago in Chile to Panama in February 2010, where I will be hitchhiking again some sailboats across the Pacific Ocean.

Cordillera is giving me strong purposes. Mountains up to nearly 7000m, promises of wild tremendous nature flights, and others, different kind of population, less European like than Brazil.

About getting contacts with schools, I had a quick one in Rio de Janeiro with a medium school. my arrival in Brazil was at the start of the long school summer holiday ended up end of February. But I also have to admit that it is not so easy to go alone from school to school. My contacts are for now made by chance, let’s see how it goes.