Coastal road of Rio de Janeiro

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Leaving on the 24th February to Sao Paulo, after 15 days passed in Rio de Janeiro, I go along the magnificent coast, dolphins showing themselves in the wide bays I passed by, dream become true. I nearly cry of joy and tireness.

Maria Lucia, great woman I met in Niteroi, gets for me the hospitality from numerous members of it family, so that I go from one place to another, each night knowing I’ll have a warm bed and a good meal to rest myself. I call it the Maria Lucia Mafia family.

On the road, a guy waves at me, a bag on it back of his bike. I think first and happily of a german cyclotourist brother, but in fact, he appears to be a poor guy completely drunk of cachaça, and very much happy of meeting a biking companion. I find myself with a pirate flag and a huge fat and heavy dictionary that he gives me and that I really don’t have any use of. “Gift!” he says (Muy obrigado). I leave him wih it dictionary and decorate, for fun, my bike with it. I therefore become the terrible pirate of the road, who held a reign of terror on the trucks and cars passing by…