A cruise than turned in a nightmare.

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Now facing Singapore ... Across the channel! I’m still in Indonesia in Batu Ampar on Batam island... But I have no boat anymore…

Fred Wilson, (over) proud owner of s/v Equinox NZ decided a bit too early that my service on board were not further required because it would cost him two more days of food!!! 

Therefore he came back on our strict contract while I did help deliver the boat on the hard part and as required on my job agreement. It was quite surprising and very disappointing from a 'man of words' as he pleases calling himself! Apparently owning millions makes it OK to screw people up. One can easily guess how tearing apart was our farewell! When I think I refused another offer from a French boat, I really picked the wrong one! Truth was merely that he picked on me from the first day not liking the idea of the travel-at-very-low-cost philosophy; probably jealousy was a nasty ingredient of his anger, mixed to a high dose of a rooster complex. Three women on board and I was the only single man. Smoker, old, grumpy, sick & rich on his side, I was the symbol of everything opposite. Being bipolar to a dangerous extreme, he really made this trip one of the worst times on my travel. 

Boat hitchhikers: Beware when jumping on someone’s boat: he might very well be a prick!

Still some sides of the trip have been made awesome by all of the crew except for the old dog always barking. Chris, Misa, Nat and Fred’s partner Leona were all making a big change. We anchored right on the Equator line to have a snorkel there. Nice start for the Northern hemisphere! Moral quite down now from how human can be ungrateful and strictly selfish. 

But here is a little story of our journey:

It doesn’t really start at it best, as I got quickly sick after the highly challenging Mt Rinjani. When I got on board, there were not enough cabin for me and guess what, it came on me to sleep on the floor, a few meters only for Mr grumpy and noisily snoring captain. I had enough and went outside to try and sleep. Bad idea, my angina gets alarming. 

As we go, hoping from island to another, we keep turn in watches, teams of two at a time, and even though I judge it far too conservative, I remember that was the reason for the ride offer. But still, honestly, what’s the point of being constantly TWO people watching at all time while moving at 8 knots? 

Life on board organizes itself and soon everyone has it habits and so. Mine is mainly to hide from the-one-who-must-not-be-named. Unfortunately this one does not know how to read properly it instruments and keep reading the apparent wind as being the true wind, and conclude therefore that there is not enough wind to put on the sails. We motor the all way. Such mistake would be unforgivable in a world where petrol would be precious and global warming a real problem… especially for people, like him, who has a strong opinion about ecology.

Four people on board are making this cruise an enchantment though. And it really could just be it. When getting to an anchorage, close to a remote island, first thing is to jump in the water snorkeling and spotting beautiful coral garden. We play Robinson exploring a small coconut island, cook beautiful meals, and joke all days. Truly the best theatre for a good holiday time! But the two last days went really wrong with Fred and that was it.