Niteroi' flight

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Wind's perfect that day, sea breeze from south, two wings already are hooked up in the air. On this site, the take off is right in the middle of a venturi. I get no lift till the end of the pass, and then get some good one on the left, where the ridge goes from east to west. Under my feet, forest and the house of Paulo lay there, hidden in the middle of great spiders guarding this little urban paradise.

Soaring flight, helped by small thermals gives me the pleasure to move between the lowest layers of the atmosphere. Some Urubus, local great birds in Brazil, showing me thermals, introduce me to their aerial games. More than an hour playing with these great black birds, some more curious than others, flying few meters away, we look to each other in our eyes, both watching how different we are. Landing back to the top seems too hazardous, too many trees, I leave it for next time. Every pilot know the trap to be over confident for getting lift everywhere and start playing away from the 'classic' spots. Exploring further and further I end up by going very low to the grassy landing area. Two horses there don't seem to be disturbed in any way by this strange giant uburu. They just don't care, as long as they have something to eat! I quite like that philosophy of life, I must say.