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Two months stuck in Darwin, what better idea than starting a business?

While Toby puts me on a polishing job on a catamaran, I get to meet the local backpackers crowd, and they are all after a job. None have thought of marketing the boats to get a bit of work, which I do pretty efficiently... To my surprise, ‘Oli Poli’ becomes very quickly the reference in Cullen Bay marina for polishing. Everyone knows Toby and his parents Bo and Lindsey so it’s easy to have the trust of the boat owners. From words of mouth, I get so much work that I start a little underground business of four people, all polishing one yacht after another. We end up doing 15 in a couple of month time. The situation becomes very funny as I pass from obo cycling through the desert to CEO position of a little business, with people working with me. Antoine is my wingman, team leader, while Thibaut and Leandre make our precious and ultra motivated work force. 

Responsibility is a hell of a job! I end up with a near burnout and Antoine takes over when I leave the 23rd August. What a relief! It’s a fun story but it’s kind of good it had a quick end. 

In July, while Toby and Ayla had their second child, I couldn’t stay any longer in their beautiful house. I‘m a bit worried of my precarious situation when I meet Barry in the street, passionate local cyclist. While he’s having a close look at my bike (looking… shit, I tell you!) I answer his curious questions about the trip. He and his wife Marilyn end up hosting me not less than 6 weeks in their gorgeous villa on the side of the marina precisely where I work! Hard to believe! As they lend me a kayak I can paddle my way every day to work just across the water. This is unbelievable; I’m living a dream! Again, I feel so grateful to all of these people who make my adventure magic. 

Happy birthday to me tonight! Tomorrow I leave Australia completely to Ambon!