Looking for a sailboat in Darwin

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Darwin is the end of the road in Australia for many people, including me. I find here many travellers met along the way. This is also the hometown of my ex-captain Toby and his wife Ayla on the superyacht Lady K on which we had the fantastic experience of crewing through the French Polynesian atolls. 

Although they are about to have a second child in their ‘retirement life’ aground, they host me for some weeks and help the best way they can once I arrived. Toby gives me a job, and most important they put me in contact with the good people to get a lift on a sailboat for Singapore. 

After some weeks of hard search I get a crew position on the racing s/v Australian Maid, 54ft mono of 1983, nice chick! 

Departure will be end of August so I get two months to kill…