She’s gone !

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One half of me has been pulled and stretched to Europe, to France where she said she belongs. The ‘Nadège and I’ story becomes now an ‘I’ story. Another challenge lays here. Finding the original reason why I’m alone here, why I want to keep going, why I want to end up this story aesthetically. I could also have decided ‘that’s it, let’s end this now, take the plane and find myself a place to live and still be creative somewhere with her, in France where all our families and friends are’… 

But no, I still sort of believe in the Tour I started alone in 2008. The show must go on. Three years I must wait before seeing her again, unless she changes her mind and comes back... Quite long! 

She went back because the travel was not bringing her the feeling of building something as it does with me. She felt strongly that it was back there in the mountains near Grenoble that really was her place to get a land, grow veges and see her tribe more often. 

So be it! May you find your dreams becoming real my dear love. We have our lives to live on our own for a while now.

Now I have my Light to give me a direction, strong and powerful motivation to go forward. Australia, Asia and Europe to cross and see her again. I better start pedalling soon!