Crossing the Tasman sea from Caledonia to Australia

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Nadège writes:

Australia is calling us. 

A new continent, a new adventure on sea and a new sailboat are ahead of us. Now well experienced on the oceans, we have numerous positive feedbacks, and we easily find a boat to crew on.

John is our new captain; he’s Australian and plans ten days from New Caledonia to arrive in Newcastle, north of Sydney. At the end of August, we jump on the King Harald, a 13 meters long sloop.

The Tasman Sea has waves known to be quite… painful for seamen. Indeed, the five first days are mostly restless. But the next ones are not very calm either. I spent most of the journey laying down, swearing again that I will never ever jump on a boat; I’m seasick!!! But I confirm that every watch has been done seriously, that meals have been served on time, and that never dishes have been left in the sink. Thanks to Olivier, who is a perfect houseman in this difficult moments.

When, we arrive, Lynette, John’s wife, offer us some Australian Champagne and the couple host us for the first nights on land. Leaving our bike with them, we hitchhike until Manilla, a worldwide famous paragliding spot.