A delighted stop in Nouméa

New Caledonia quick stop 1 - Posted On

First thing we see from Caledonia is the Phare Amédée, ligthning the sea. Loads of memories from our fifteen months living there come back up in a flash. Lots of wishes also. Seeing our friends there, getting back to the old good jokes, flying on Ouen Toro with the local paragliding club, becomes quickly reality. Tim who we saw during his holidays in New Zealand, lend us his flat for some ten days of our stay, time really useful to settle up a little bit our gear before leaving three months on another boat.

Adrien and Marie come up on their newly painted boat straight when we arrive in Nouméa on the Manta. We arrive just on time, as we must set the departure day to Vanuatu just ten days after we arrived. 

How good it is to see our friends!