Objective Mt Taranaki

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Our next « lighthouse », meaning the next objective we set ourselves on, is the Mt Taranaki, some 500kms further on the North west, following the coast line through farmland, as usual. In the meantime, flying gear is kept well stored in the bag, unless some peculiar hill shows up.

It happens once when we ask for setting the tent up in a farmland. The farmer tells us to meet him at a house in town, one he owns for his employers usually. Ask for a paddock, and you get a whole house! But when he arrives, this is to invite us in his bigger house, so that we can ALSO have dinner with them. John is the champion of the country for speed boating. The one he owns goes from 0 to 100kms in less than 5s. When I tell him I am the world champion for slow motion, 0 to 20km/h in more than 2 hours, we are set for a good evening together! And he offers us a huge piece of frozen meat for the next day.

The Mt Taranaki shows it perfect conical shape from quite far away. The day we see the top of it from far away, we meet Catherine, 60yo lady from the USA, on a recumbent. What a woman and what a machine! Very much closer to the ground, it has the comfort of not getting sore neither on the bum, nor on the wrists. Sitting on it the all day feels like being in a long chair. Technically the concept is awesome and I recommend it. Now, for myself, I decided to go for the standard option so I go unnoticed. In some countries, a bent would look like another gadgets from the gringos. We share some days together and we experience another point of view on the long-term travel on a bike. 

Another age, another wise spirit!