Earthquake in Christchurch

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Nadège writes: 

Of course we go straight to the paragliding spot, Taylor’s Mistake, the first night we arrive in Christchurch. And we camp there overnight after three hours of marvellous flights. Such flying session after a long day riding is a great reward! Local pilots show their best side, none of them want us to stay under our tent and we get many hosting offer. That is how we stay for a few days in Brad’s large house at the top of a hill. Brad takes us all around for flying; it’s great having a passionate pilot for a host.

Christchurch is now sadly famous for its recent terrible earthquakes. Most of the city centre is closed because it’s too dangerous walking within, and buildings can collapse anytime. A bit further, one of the mountains is half collapsed, snatching some luxurious living rooms or some swimming pools from some villas at the top.

Now, a lot of residents have moved away, some others live in house-trucks but the most impressive is their phlegmatic attitude when occur nearly daily « small » earthquakes. Their best game’s rule is to guess the magnitude. And believe me, they are good at it!

When we passed there, we were lucky to feel a 4.7 magnitude one, AWESOME!!!

When we leave after a few days, we aim up to the North of the South Island passing by the East coast, following the coastline via Kaikoura and up to Picton.

For the cyclists’ story: we managed to do Kaikoura-Picton, meaning 150km, in one day. Thanks to a magnificent tail wind!!

For the paragliders’ story: we wanted to climb and fly from the Mount Fyffe. The climb was good (1500m) and very steep; sleeping at the top was awesome, wrapped in our wings. At sunset, wind is northwest, very much good thermal breeze and very opposite to where it should come from, meaning southeast. We make our mind to wait for the next morning. Unfortunately we couldn’t fly neither because too strong of a wind. Luck, sometimes, does not appear.