Cycling together on the Central Otago Rail Trail

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Nadège writes : 

It’s very hard to find some friends with whom to share the road. It’s not obvious but most of the cyclotourists we meet come from the opposite way.

However, for this New Year’s Eve party, we are lucky to have some friends with us. 

I introduce them here:

Alexandra: She’s a young girl from USA, Alaska, travelling alone on the bike around New Zealand. She cycles with us for a few weeks.

Nele: a germane-neo-Zealanders acrobat. She is a good friend of Olivier since they met in New Zealand seven years ago and went to come and see us for one week on the bike.

Tobias: an Italian guy, speaking with his hand (like every Italian) and Nele’s boyfriend. He’s in New Zealand for one year and had already done some gipsy-bike-travelling around Europe.

Altogether, we spent a very warm Christmas day on a deserted beach at the south of Dunedin before starting the Central Otago cycle Rail Trail. This old railway is now reserved only for bicycles and trekkers. Away from the traffic road, we enjoy some magnificent scenery from the Hobbit movie.

When ones( some) are travelling (riding) together, one (others) (take care of…)must do agreements, but ,all of us, we feel stronger and have much fun When we arrive near Wanaka, (everyone)each of us goes on his own way. 

Thanks everybody for sharing your joy and jokes with us.