A rolling day to day life from Wanaka to Dunedin

New Zealand part II - Posted On

Nadège writes:

That’s it; we are now leaving for the official second part of the tour! Cycling on a long period of time becomes quite similar to an ocean crossing on a boat: Before leaving, we must prepare the itinerary, check the gear, and estimate the arrival date. And when we are on our bike, our day-to-day life becomes based on a precise rhythm, calculated, and we follow the sun timetable.

We always come back to these itinerancy times with pleasure, we become quieter, as if we come back home, in a day-to-day life after busy holidays.

Our objective now is the South of the New Zealand’s South Island. We want to touch with our tires the southernmost point of this World Tour, called Slope Point. 

Next to this great achievement, we shall go back up North by the East coast through the beautiful and scenic Catlins, until Dunedin.

Roads are lighter with car traffic and richer with wild animals. On the way we meet seals, penguins and even a wallaby (unfortunately dead cold on the road side). We also get the chance to realize another child dream, swimming with dolphins in the wild!