France break - Posted On

Nadège writes : 

In New Caledonia, we met quite a few metropolitans. Some have marked us more than others. Cannelle is one of them, our flatmate in the famous Hippies flat!

We meet that wonderful girl in Champébran. She joins us with her brand new little baby Lula that she decided to have on her own. Once again, we enjoy this paradise hooked in the mountain through long day treks and delicious meals aside the fireplace. A custom started: to bath in the 4°C water of the stream straight in the morning. For those who would be worry to freeze, it’s ok to have a pot of hot water for pouring it on the head just after. 

Olivier, his paraglide transplanted in his back, realizes a very old dream to fly from the clot du Ser and land in the grass beside the chalet. We even make a short movie out of it, have a go!

Olivier’s cousin Magda comes afterwards for a couple of days, time for Olivier to finish exploring every little valley around the chalet. There’s something sure coming out of this: This place will be the one to write the book of the trip when coming back.