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In 2008, before the project Fly’n’Roll had started, some people had felt like helping the idea to become true. They are mainly from the French Alps. We want now to pay them a granted visit. Of course, it is important to use an appropriate way to travel. We take our bikes and our paraglides. 

We first visit Pierre of “Pégase & Particules”, a paragliding school in Allevard, then Denis Cortella in Sallanches, from Kortel Design, a paragliding harnesses manufacturer. Just after comes Benjamin Buisson, a cyclotourist friend who rode his bike across the European Alps to the Mt Elbrouz to fly it with it paraglide. Then are Laurent Chiabaut and Clément Latour in Annecy from Sup’air and « Les toits du monde à vélo ». Close by is my good pilot friend Stéphane from Figeac and at last I visit Seiko, female world champion of acrobatic who I met in Organya in 2008. 

These visits reaffirm plainly the link we have with the people who gave me a hand in the beginning. Pierre from Allevard offers us to come to SIV courses. He will also allow me to pass the tandem license in his school. Kortel changes my old harness for a brand new one. And Sup’air asks me for a listing of what we need. But much more than what is given, we live this as a validation of the project and it is very much important to us. 

CycloCamp is a kind of Do-It-Yourself bike workshop festival that takes place in Grenoble this year. The “P’tit vélo dans la tête”, local bike workshop association organizes it this year and invites us for a formal conference. This is a great honor also for me to meet and host the great Swiss bike tourer Claude Marthalet who is one who inspired me in my trip.