Wellington – searching a sailboat to pass on the South Island

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Wellington is our port to get to the South Island. Based in downtown, we are looking for a sailboat to avoid taking the ferry and so breaking our zero carbon precious line. After some seeking in Marina Mana (1h from Wellington), I find two potential boats who accept to take us there ‘if they go’. Unfortunately, when the weather window opens again, I find themselves having changed their plans. We have no other option but taking the damn ferry for time running sake! Nadège is introduced to a specialist doctor by Gary, local ex touring cyclist, that hosted us through the Warmshower.org network. The doctor and her chiropractician are the best in New Zealand, the very ones that takes care of the All Blacks athletes when something gets wrong. she did well having a good health insurance because she gets it all very well done! Verdict: old injured ligaments on the right knee. Her equilibrium is completely disorganized which is the cause of her pain to both knees when she rides. That is for the bad news. The good news is: this is fixable with time (long) and exercises.