New Year’s Eve on Sea

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The tropical depression coming to New Caledonia is heading from west to south east of the country, say the Grib files weather forecast. It gives us a very good occasion to depart.... just taking the back of a nearby cyclone to get going. I enjoy the idea, maybe which will be the very good occasion to admire some magnificent giant waves? This will gives us at least some north-western wind, (meaning tail wind), something quite rare in these latitudes.

We are two sailboats departing, meaning we are not that crazy... except if the other one makes the same supposition?

Eleven days on sea. New Zealand is making us to pay to walk it ground. The willing to get there is getting even stronger. The more difficult it becomes to arrive, the more we will feel a happy to see it. What’s the pleasure in arriving somewhere if we don’t pay it with time and sweat?

Six years ago, I was travelling there for seven months, in a van, selling paintings door to door, paragliding in various spots over the antipodeans’ Alps, living in a van. I remember it as a great time, sacred in the deepest layer of my soul. All this to mean this New Zealand has been a long time awaited in my travel.

Of course I could have come back in 48 hours from Europe, of course I would have been content to see again a country I have been so happy and free in. But what feeling would have been this compare to the great joy I will feel after having biked 26000kms and sailed through two oceans? Nothing will be seen the same. “Paying” with your sweat the travel will give it a strong and powerful aura of happiness.

It’s now New Year’s Eve, another one we will pass far from the shouting, dancing, drinking crowds.

Our last day of 2011was not too bad as we catch a glimpse of the ‘green ray’ at the last second the sun is in the sky. Mother Nature gave us it own firework.