A Socks' Diary in a washing machine.

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Nadège writes:

Those words come quietly and shy on the paper, the sea sickness is right here, nearly sleepy, but still very dangerous. The Tyranny rule is simple: "look at the sea or sleep!» Whatever else you do would be prosecuted.

In the middle of the wide ocean, facing this hard sickness, I have to fight or to accept. Fortunately, the other crews on board, more experimented to fight the invisible foe, allow me to give up for the time needed.

First day, I pass a throwing-up Christmas day, looking at the sea, sleeping, and then black out.
Second day, no alimentation at all, my body rejects immediately even the little water I need to get the medics “special sea” I must take. Sleeping, looking at the sea...

Third day, I successfully get a bit of bread and sweet water.
I don’t throw up anymore, but the washing machine twist my cervical badly. Don’t you forget to look at the sea bad girl!

Fifth day, I am allowed to put some potatoes with the bread. The exit seems closer and closer.

Sixth day, I am free and day-to-day life on board is now open to me !