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Hey happy Reader,

We are now on a year quite sedentary with Nadege. However, things move, and last time you have heard of the Fly’n’roll adventure, I was talking about wind farms and an engineer job of mine: technical responsible of the maintainability teams for most of the New Caledonian territory. Very interesting position I’d say. 

Well, I quitted!

Late February, while another tropical cyclone was alarming our guys, I got a call from the national education system offering me to become a mathematic and physic teacher in high school. The next morning I was starting in front of the kids, first time of my life! I was a teacher!

Engineer in this firm was kind of forgetting that I could possibly have a minute for my personal life somewhere during the next years. Adding to that the constant stress felt during days and night, becoming a teacher was exactly the contrary, and also trying something that was attracting by for a long time. This is going exactly in the right way for getting new skills to share about the adventure.

So I will be a teacher for this year and will keep on moving next December 2011 as the school system year takes end in December, perfect time to get a sailboat ride to New Zealand.

Nadège also changes from one job to another; she will start next week a job in getting water ground data in the whole territory, including the near islands. That’s a nice position!

Time here is shared between our works and flying and kiting.

Life is beautiful!