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Long time I have not given news, sorry about that. Here comes some refreshing news.

Mobarak has gone from the power in Egypt; Tunisie had freed itself, and a wind of freedom blows through African countries. I, in the contrary, went back to the chains of our society, I found myself a job and an apartment! Big changes!

Since September 2010, we set ourselves here with Nadege and looked successfully for some job on the territory of New Caledonia.
While she now works for a mineral water company, I have found myself investing my time in a wind farm company as technical manager.  We started with the year 2011.

This is a big decision that came from seeing how fast we have been moving ever since I have gone from France, and setting up ourselves for some time is a big relieve, we need it now.

Caledonia gives us some good flights, a bit of biking, some good tramp through the wilderness.
I wish everyone a happy new year even though we are now quite late into it.
PS: As we have now an apartment, of course you are now welcome to visit us!