Hiking Tahiti

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From Makemo we have to get back to Tahiti and fulfill our agreement with the Lady K about going together to Tonga.

Our plan was to find a boat to cruise with. Unfortunately none of the boats we met could take us there. Therefore we had to go by airplane.

But now I know what’s coming in your mind:

“- WHAT? Airplane? Burning petrol? Motorised mean? What does that mean Olivier??? You gave up?’

Oh là! Oh là! Calm down! No I haven’t given up. Now is the opportunity to give a precision about my concept. It is about drawing a line around the world, going only using non motorized means. As we are going back and forth from Tahiti to Makemo, I am theorically ‘allowed’ to take a motorised mean, as I already came to Tahiti without motor…

Of course that would have been much better for the environmental footprint to go sailing. But now I have not really any other choice.

A small airplane then flies us to Tahiti, my first time in my trip I go faster than 82 km/h.

Flying above the lagoons of the Tuamotus is a marvel. Lagoons is way better seen from above, the picturesque of the flight is wonderful.


We go back to the ‘Pierre à feux’ house. Our friends join us to climb the Mount Aorai, the second highest point of the island with 2066m. We are two days walking, climbing up through amazing trails and trees, covered of mud. I love it! As we sleep overnight in the mountain shelter, we meet a good crowd of happy people, inviting us for … a fondue with Beaufort cheese in it!!! Two years without having even smelled a Beaufort, that was way too much for a French guy.

From up there we embrace the view of three quarter of the main island; I can even see the paraglides down the Punaruu valley. Unfortunately the wind is way too strong for taking off from here, even if there is an area quite OK for it. Down under we see the ‘Diademe’a rock formation quite steep and narrowly shaped. An amazing circus of high green cliffs offers a wonderful scene for several waterfalls.

A couple of paragliding flights at the Punaruu later on gives me the mental power to pack up my wing for the time to sail to Tonga, 1500 miles away. Lady K is now ready to leave for tomorrow morning.