TR Fakarava - Tahiti

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36 hours to cross the 300 miles between Tahiti and the paradise… oups, Fakarava. Good wind, 20 knots, backward, easy ride then for us.

Anxiety of the captain becomes harsh and we, crew, feel quite bad in this context. I am really wishing to find another boat in Tahiti to leave Tago Mago as soon as possible, I can’t bear it anymore!

Sea sickness comes upon the crew team, Delphine gets back in her cabin, she can’t even do the watching, and Laurent gives back to the sea the frugal diner.

Two mountains are seen in the afternoon. Tahiti Iti and Tahiti Nui form the double island of Tahiti. We get at there at night, entering a pass with no current.

At once appears the strong and ugly noise of the city. We are at the quay of Papeete, the center of the civilization in Polynesia.