Panama, not such nice country

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I get to meet the Panamean people.

My opinion is just getting worst and worst every day I pass in the country. People here are the least welcoming and the most unhelpful people I have seen in my whole trip!

From little bad experience to another, my opinion gets lower and lower about the Panamean culture. It seems that everything is about money… if you have some it’s OK but they won’t help you anyway, unless you pay, and if you don’t have much, they make things worse for you.

Biking in the city? I shall be the only crazy one to dare doing it; cars and bus drivers insult me when I pass nearby. How nice! I use the ‘thumb up’ way very often…

However as every group of people in the world, not everyone is like that. Some just amaze me how nice and helpful they are. As they are less in number, every good action they do looks to me as a huge thing.

I get to know a very good guy, Jean-Christophe from Belgium who will give me free parts for my bike as well as fixing my broken wheel in his triathlon shop Trizone.

Also some people host me in their hostel the Casa de Juan downtown for free, just because they were nice and liked my trip.

Also carnival gives me a much better lookout over Panama, people happy in the street, good atmosphere, main theme is to throw water, or shave cream over everyone you meet.

I will also pass on the national TV, on TuManana Show. Journalist Alberto comes to make the interview, we will have good time together, and it’s always funny to pass on the TV.