Ludovic Hubler

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It’s morning at Shelter bay beach on which we slept overnight. Antoine is part of the team for this moment. We met the day before; he is also looking for a sailboat to cross the Pacific.

When we talked about his trip, he explains he is doing a world tour using only hitchhiking. We talk quickly about Ludovic Hubler who recently came back to France from a 5 years world tour by hitchhiking as well.

As a matter of fact Ludovic is my master for hitchhiking sailboat tactical across Ocean. His website is full of very useful information about it. I wrote to him a month ago and he told me he would be in Panama at the same time as me … to marry a beautiful Panamean girl, Marisol.

Apparently he said the exact same thing to Antoine which is very convenient for all of us. World is a small place.

When we all meet a few days later, he gives us virtually a private conference about his trip! I am really amazed how professional he has been about his trip all the way around. Giving conferences after conferences he was talking with words of peace among human people, as well as ecological challenges for the world. He also gave a lot of time volunteering for ONG in different countries, trying to make the world a better place to live.

Using Couchsurfing and Hospitality Club he got to contact a huge lot of people working together on good projects.

He really seems to be the “perfect traveler” to me, and his experience gives me some different points of view about my own travel and how I could act for the world as well in the future.