The last ride down

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Next to Medellin comes the last mountain, meaning the very last big ride down of the Andes, of South America. For me, this sounds like freedom.

It’s not frank though. The road goes down, but keeps on coming up here and there, not at all like at Nazca where I could enjoy freewheeling for hours.

At last I reach the plain, temperature has gone up and humidity the same. I am sweating enough to fill up a tank of water. As a plain, I liked better Argentina for how little flat this is now. Just like up in the mountain, going up and down, but with 20°C more. How nice!

Adding to that, my front tire is near to explode. I had to put two tires one over the other to cover a huge hole in it.

The vibration at each rotation destroys my arms, my energy, and my nerves. When I get to find a spare one, everything changes for the best.

My previous tire had 22.000kms, not bad at all. I must admit that Schwalbe Marathon XR are VERY good tires…

Water in the bottle does not refresh me anymore. I have to put some on my head and wait for it to evaporate to feel some refreshment.